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Douglas Harsch has 15+ years experience in all aspects of technology and media in education, scientific research and the entertainment fields.  As lead technical director at the American Museum of Natural History, Douglas oversaw teams of animators and digital artists, creating planetarium shows:  Cosmic Collisions, Journey to the Stars, The Big Bang, and Dark Universe.  Working with astrophysicists, he created 3D simulations of the latest research.  At Cineste of London and Rythm & Hues of Los Angeles, Douglas supervised digital artits and software developers in the design and implementation of visual effects for film.  In 2013, he earned a Master’s degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the Mind, Brain, and Education program focussing on how digital technology can be harnessed to create educational technology and environments that work.

About Us

scientific animation
scientific animation

Timothy Brewer is a 3D artist, app developer, painter and musician with diverse experience. He is inspired by future technologies and the classical arts as applied to mathematics and the sciences for gaming and education. Timothy recently completed an educational science app Science Of The Seasons designed to supplement middle school science curricula as well as a skill-building mobile app for mathematics on iOS and Android:  Cosmic Core Math Asteroids. Timothy wrote, illustrated and created music for an interactive children's book:  Cabby Cat & the Missing Cello  for the iOS platform. Timothy holds a philosophy degree and a Masters of Divinity from Vanderbilt University.  As a counselor he facilitated group therapy, skills workshops, behavioral management and has provided art and music therapy classes.  Timothy volunteers as a Programmer/Developer and Lego Robotics instructor.

2DBK has a primary interest in how education, technology, and cognitive science can be combined to make powerful learning experiences.


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