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Science of the Seasons

Science of the Seasons

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Science Of The Seasons is an interactive module which explores the question: Why Are There Seasons? Part Game, part Experiment, part Sandbox, part Animation – SOS  introduces the player to the mystery of our place in the solar system.  Designed for Middle School students, this app nicely supplements the classroom science curriculum. SOS allows the player to explore:


• The Rotation of the Earth

• The Orbit of the Earth around the Sun

• The Axial Tilt of the Earth 

• The changing Energy of Sunlight as it strikes the Earth

• The View of the Earth as it tilts toward and away from the Sun

• The Angle of Sunlight toward your home on the Earth


Virtual Experiments allow the player to view the light energy from the Sun as it rakes over the sphere of the earth toward the poles during the Earth's orbit toward Solstice and Equinox. A brief quiz is offered after each module to test the player's retention of the content provided. When all of the questions are answered, the Seasons are restored to the Earth.

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