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educational apps
educational apps

Cabby Cat & the Missing Cello is an interactive musical picture book set in NYC. The app includes some 500 still images, 200 audio files and 50 animations. Each page is hand painted and layered in 3D so that the characters and scenery move fluidly.  The story is narrated by CNN national correspondent Jason Carroll and features Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E Minor, as well as original jazz and blues music.


Cosmic Core Math Asteroids is the first in a series of space and science-based math games focused on the common core standards for middle schoolers. Math Asteroids is a skill-building math game––great for study or sharpening math skills––in which players fire lasers at asteroid equations by manually entering the answers into the spaceship console. 


Science Of The Seasons   is an interactive module which explores the question: Why Are There Seasons? Part Game, part Experiment, part Sandbox, part Animation – SOS  introduces the player to the mystery of our place in the solar system.  Designed for Middle School students, this app nicely supplements the classroom science curriculum.


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